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Nelson War memorial

tn_Lewis Astley painting

Watercolour of memorial
by Lewis Astley
Reproduced with his kind permission

Website goal

The main aim of this site is simply to provide as much information as I can about the men who gave their lives in the First World War and who have some link with the village of Nelson, Glamorgan, South Wales.

Personally, I have no family connection, that I know of, to any of the men. Having been born in the village and still living here, I feel I have a link to them all.

I have also included a few pages that visitors may find of interest, benefit or some other use about the Nelson area, as well as a few links to sites I have found of benefit.

Nelson Men who died in The Great War

If you want to go straight to information about the village memorial, click the links to the left. You will see a link to the Memorial Plaque, where you will find a full list of the names on the First World War memorial at Nelson.

In the left column you will also see that there is a link called “Not on Plaque”.During my research to find the full details of those names on the plaque, I came across several other soldiers who had some clear link with Nelson, Glamorgan, and who were killed, but whose names were not included on the Village Memorial Plaque. Here, you will find the results of that research, men who have a clear link (even if small) to Nelson and who gave their lives during this horrific conflict, but who have not received recognition on the Nelson Plaque.

Many of the soldiers’ individual pages now contain letters, death reports, funeral reports or other information relating to the men, their military service and their families.

(I have no political or other agenda behind this, but feel they deserve an equal place in this site since their ultimate sacrifice is no less than those whose names appear in full public view.)

Most recent updates

Other recent additions

Further images in the page of James Northey D.C.M.

Watercolour of Nelson War Memorial by Lewis Astley

The Royal Welsh Fusiliers Museum in North Wales are looking for help. Please click the link to see if you can help.

Below, is a little information about the village of Nelson, if you are interested

Nelson, Glamorgan, Wales.

The village of Nelson, Glamorgan is situated approximately 20 miles West-North-West of the City of Newport, Wales and 18 miles North-North-West of the capital City of Wales, Cardiff.

Nelson falls within the local authority boundary of Caerphilly. Until April 1996, the local authority area was known as Caerphilly Urban District. The village is actually sited in an open area between the recognised Rhymney Valley and the Merthyr Tydfil valley. At its northerly end, the village lies on the boundary with the Merthyr Tydfil Borough and a few miles westward is the boundary with the Rhondda-Cynon-Taff area.

The village reputedly took its English name from the original name for a licensed premises in the centre of the village, called Nelson Inn. The Lord Nelson Inn which was believed to have been a staying-place for the Admiral Lord Nelson some 200 years ago.

The original Welsh name for the village is Ffos Y Gerddinen. There are traces of that name being used in 1850, referred as Ffoes y Gerddynen

The village is situated within the boundaries of the old parish of Llanfabon.

Habitation of the area dates back many years. In about 1530, David Pritchard built Llancaiach Fawr house which still stands and attracts many visitors every year.
Nearby, in the village of Gelligaer, is situated a Roman Fort that dates back to approximately 110A.D.

How to get here:

From Cardiff
- Take the A470 road Northwards until reaching Abercynon roundabout, taking the third exit will take you on to the A472 and into Nelson.
From Merthyr Tydfil - Follow the A470 Southbound until Abercynon roundabout, take the first exit onto the A472 and into Nelson.

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